Emu oil shampoo


This shampoo contains only natural ingredients, which makes the coat more silky,  shiny and in the mean time nourish the skin and fur. Because of low Ph level tick can not attack the root of the fur. This shampoo contains a lot of emu oil, which has been used by Australian aboriginals for thousands years. Effects of emu oil was researched many times by many human laboratories and a lot of evidence available on the internet. Beside emu oil this shampoo contains silk protein, allantoin, and extract of selective herbs. This shampoo is reach in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and works off very quickly into the deepest level of the skin to refresh and feed it.

Bokeberg shampoo is natural friendly and also very good for very sensitive and allergic dogs.

Usage: You can rinse it up to 5-10 and wash into the coat. Let it works few minutes and wash out. For better effect use colder water.

Size: 240 ml, 950 ml