K9 Aloe Vera conditioner


K9 COMPETITION conditioner is economical and highly conditioning. It gives the coat a beautiful lustre, makes it easy to detangle and has an antistatic effect. It optimizes volume and moisture balance. It is timesaving since it makes the coat easier to work with and dry more quickly. K9 COMPETITION conditioner suits all types of pets, coats, breeds and puppies.

Dilution:can be diluted up to 1:40 in lukewarm water, or be used in concentrated form. Just keep in mind, if you dilute you dilute the active ingredients as well. Always use after shampooing for maximum and long-lasting results.

When diluting, try out what concentration is most suitable for your animal. For volume, dilute more and for body coats, dilute less. Rinse in cool water for less volume and in warmer water for more volume.

Contents: Aqua, steramidopropyl, certified aloe vera, wheat germ amidopropyl lactate, D-Panthenol, wheat protein, perfume, macstat DM

Comes in bottle sizes of: 300ml, 2,7l and 5,7l

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