K9 Aloe Vera shampoo


K9 COMPETITION shampoo is a natural, mild and economic shampoo. It has a calming effect on sensitive skin and scalps and does not cause skin irritation. It adds nourishment, perfect moisture balance, and optimized coat quality. It is detangling and timesaving and makes coats dry quickly. Suits all types of pets, coats, breeds and puppies. K9 COMPETITION shampoo is equally suited for competition and daily use.

Dilition: can be diluted up to 1:20 in lukewarm water, or be used in concentrated form. Just keep in mind, if you dilute, you dilute the active ingredients as well. Use Shampoo twice to clean dirty coat. Finish with K9 COMPETITION Aloe Vera Conditioner.  When diluting, try out which concentration is most suitable for your animal. For volume; dilute more ? for more body; dilute less.

Contents: Aqua, Mg laurylsulphate, cocobetain, certified aloe vera, cocoamphodin, D-penthanol, wheat protein, perfume, macstat DM

Comes in bottle sizes of: 300ml, 2,7l and 5,7l

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