Dandruff conditioner


This conditioner has excellent untangling and antistatic effects. For longer-lasting results, rinse in cool water or leave a little conditioner in the coat. Effectively counteracts dryness, dandruff, peeling, and itching. Preserves, protects, and enhances the natural shine of all types of furs.

All our products are enhanced with therapeutic ingredients, among them ProVitamin B5 and Silk Protein, which protect and strengthen the skin, the hair follicles, and the hair and bring out the natural shine of the coat. In addition, the coat dries more quickly and becomes easier to work with.

Directions: After treatment with PCL Dandruff Shampoo, squeeze-dry the coat, and carefully massage the conditioner into the coat. Leave in for 2-4 minutes, and rinse in cool water. Repeat after every shampoo.

Contents: Aqua, cetylstearant, methylcellulose, wheat protein, vitamin B5, zincpyrrilidon, perfume, E202

Comes in bottle sizes of: 250 ml and 2,7 l.