Muriel Boydell, Int. Championship show Judge:

I have tried your shampoo, conditioner and spray today on my dog with the most difficult coat. He looks great, my husband says he has never looked better. Now we have to wait to see if he tangles much, and if using the coat spray between baths can help stop the tang…les forming. Fingers crossed.”
Hi Chris,
Yes, finally I go a chance to try your product. I delivered a litter of 9 puppies and am raising them for my friend and am selling a litter of 6 for another friend. Both litters are my line so I feel, as family I must help. So I have been busy.

I have been grooming dogs all this week so I have been using your samples. I like the products a lot, a specially the spray mist. I will bathe another bitch today and see how the shampoo can help remove the
“green” from her white coat from her delivering babies. For daily use for groomers bathing lots of dogs all day I need to compute the cost and compare it to shampoos that dilute. Currently I use Coat Handler and
pay about $140 for 5 gallons. I can get about 50 gallons of diluted shampoo from that, which gives me probably 100 baths ($1.40 per bath).
Although the quality of a product has always been the bottom line for me, it still is nice to have quality at a good price :)

Let me know what sizes your products come in and what wholesale and retail prices are. I also need to know the shipping expense. I would plan on using the products for my grooming and retailing to my puppy buyers and in my Beauty Salon. I would also figure out how to get your banner on my site somewhere…

Thanks Chris and I look forward to doing business with you.

Linda Isgren

Back home from WDS Bratislava and:
Morgan was World Winner -09, Slovak Champion and REC Champion ( Reunion Europeenne Des Club Du Canice)

Ashley was reserve World Winner, Slovak Champion and REC Champion ( Reunion Europeenne Des Club Du Canice).
I am soooooooooooo happy about this!

Phyllis Blair, Grandeur Standard Poodles, www.grandeurs.net

First off, thank you so much for sending the product – I received it last week and we used it this past  weekend at the dog show on some of the show dogs.


I let the professional handler of the #1 All Breed Dog in Canada try it on after she was finished showing him, and I gave her a small amount of it to do another total bath out in it this week before they head off to
the next show. She really liked how it made the Lhasa Apso’s coat feel. She quite liked the anti-stat mist as well. I handle a Toy Poodle for some very close friends of mine that are International Judges – they
couldn’t believe the difference in her coat….I have given them samples of the product as they are off to Thailand for the next 2 weeks judging and “looking” at some dogs. They are going to recommend K-9 to them – as well as their friends in South Africa. I am also taking in some of it to other friends that own a couple of large grooming salons (who are also world renouned groomers) here to see what they think of the product.

I found it amazing. There was a noticable difference in the puppy coat on the Toy Poodles. The texture, density was way stronger – the hair stood off the back better – it scissored easier – dried straighter.

I will be in touch and definitely ordering more from you when I need it!!

Thank you so much again!
Lisa Darling Canada

Stephen Murphy

Hi Christer,
Well, I have been using the products over the past weeks and here are my thoughts.

I have bathed him twice now and his coat seems to be in very good condition. Each bath I have shampooed him twice. The first shampoo I have used 1 dcl and the second bath just over 1/2 a dcl.
For a non show bath I would just normally do one shampoo but I have wanted to make sure that his really clean and that the shampoo is well into the coat.
I have found that the shampoo has very good cleaning properties, the hair shafts a squeeky clean and feel clean as well.
The shampoo is one of the easiest shampoos to rinse out of the coat, a very good thing.

I have used the same amount of conditioner for both baths, 1 dcl. I have left this in his coat for both baths. I have found that the conditioner has very little suds or foam. personally, I find this a bonus but many like to see foam, they think it is better.

His coat has been very easy to brush while drying and YES, using these products does help with the drying time, as the Afghan has certainly taken less time to dry than when using other products.
I have also found that I have no static in the coat and it hangs  well when finished.

I have used the spray on conditioner in between his baths. The Afghan has wraps (plastic that his folded and and wrapped with bands to protect his ears and loin coat) I have spayed these wrapped areas and the spray conditioner certainly keeps these areas knot free and easy to deal with.
The only thing that I do not like about th e spray on conditioner, it does leave the coat rather wet when you spray it onto a dry coat. I was thinking of also using this spray while at the dog show to use as a get him ready for the ring spray. He is entered for a show in two weeks and I’ll try this as it is the best way to see if it is suitable for a show spay as well.
You need to keep your fingers crossed that this will work, if it does, it will be a great selling product for so many breeds.

I also think that having used these products on the Afghan for a couple of baths it has also helped with his split ends.

So far we have used it on three poodles, all black at this stage. I have used the same amount as on the Afghan. I have had the same effect with the good rinsing, good cleaning and finish on the coat. We have also noticed that the drying time is greatly reduced as well. Unlike the Afghan we did notice that it helped to create more BULK, MORE VOLUME, a good thing for a Poodle.

BUT, we did find that it softened all three dogs coats, this is not good for a Poodle as the coat should be harsh, or rather rough in texture.

BUT; all times we did have conditioner in the coat and this may have been the reason. This week I will bath one of the Poodles and leave out the conditioner to see how the coat feels when it comes to texture.

Like the Afghan, Poodles have many wraps, three on the head and three down the neck coat. this is also to grow the coat in this area and to stop it from knotting. The spray on conditioner was fantastic for this, the coat came out of the wraps clean, soft and with no knotting. This product is very salable for this reason alone.

I will continue to work with the products and try different amounts of the product and let you know how it is going. I have given away two of the spray conditioner to Poodle people to try. I’m also going to send a small amount of shampoo and conditioner to an Afghan breeder in Europe. They have several top Afghans and the daughter also sells dog products at shows.

I appreciate you allowing us to try these products, as we say in English…. so far so good.

Stephen Murphy

Sarah from the UK, www.UKPoodles.com

Hi Christer,

I?m so sorry I haven?t replied to you earlier, I?m had a really mad few weeks and have only just had time to sit down today?

? I?ve been using K9 competition products for a couple of months now on my show poodles and have been extremely pleased with the results. They clean well, smell nice but not over the top, and leave the coat in great condition. I always use the shampoo and conditioner whether it?s just a maintenance bath or for a show. If I have a particularly brittle coat then I will also use the nano spray through the mane as I dry the coat to prevent it breaking. I love that I don?t get wads of hair in the brush at the end of the  drying like I used to with other products. It just makes the brush and comb glide through the hair effortlessly. I also use the nano spray for grooming in between baths as I don?t like to dry brush. I always used to cringe if I had to brush the coat between baths knowing I would loose a little coat each time but not anymore?. I know I only have to spray the nano mist through and brush without feeling like I?m doing more harm than good. The nano mist is great for grooming through topknots and ears before wrapping as it doesn?t leave the coat greasy so therefore does not snap the rubber bands. I also find it a magic cure to the poodle who had got caught in the rain and gone curly?.. I leave mine to dry, spray a little nano mist and blow dry through, only takes 10 minutes to straighten out the coat without having a full bath? brilliant!
I now use nothing else on my show coats, just K9 competition

Jaquie, Australia

Dear Christer,
Just wanted to let you know that I have received the product that you  sent! I have just used them and couldn’t wait to tell you how thrilled I am with them, I used them on two very different coats, on my mature bitch an…d also on my young bitch who’s coat still hasn’t quite got the texture and fullness
that they get when they are older. The results on both coats are fabulous. Your products claim to be faster drying times, which I must admit, I was sceptical about, but wasn’t too concerned about either, but I have to say I was amazed at how quick they dried, and with a beautiful finish.

As I have just used them, the test of time is still to come, but I am very happy with these initial results. I most definitely will be wanting to order some larger quantities, but in saying that, I was also impressed at the small amount I needed to use to get fabulous results too.